NALT: Duties & Responsibilities

The National Assembly Library of Thailand is managed under 2 divisions that have duties and responsibilities as follows

The Library Division

  • Purchasing, procuring, and collecting all kinds of information resources, coordinating requests for donations and exchanges of information resources both inside and outside the country.
  • Analyzing, categorizing, and managing information resources in accordance with international standards; providing bibliographies, databases, and maintaining information resources.
  • Providing services for information, references and abstracts, borrowing and returning information resources, inter - library loans, information service obtained from remote telecommunication systems and network systems and recommending the use of services.
  • Coordinating international parliamentary libraries,
  • Organizing activities to promote reading and exhibiting newly - received information resources.
  • Performing other assigned duties.

The Information Technology Resources Development Division

  • Organizing the automated library system, library databases, and related technological devices.
  • Handling and developing indices of news clippings and the government gazette via Document Image Processing (DIP) program.
  • Developing and processing databases, linking the information with internal and external organizations via remote telecommunication systems.
  • Coordinating with internal and external libraries and academic institutions to develop suitable academic databases and services.
  • Providing and developing the Bureau’s website.
  • Performing other assigned duties