Academic Services Division 1: Responsibilities

The Academic Services Division 1 is responsible for

  • Studying, examining, analyzing, conducting research, and collecting academic information in the fields of politics, security, military, justice, international relations, international politics, arbitration and intellectual property.
  • Providing information and academic recommendations as requested by Members of the Parliament, the House of Representatives and internal agencies of the Secretariat of the House of Representatives, and by parliamentary personnel.
  • Analyzing, providing advice and academic services to support the legislative activities of Members of the Parliament, committee members, officials and relevant persons.
  • Collecting and analyzing information, statistics, and facts by coordinating with internal and external data sources.
  • Providing documents relating to the deliberation of bills and motions.
  • Producing academic documents, pamphlets, background information, parliamentary documents as well as foreign articles and reviews.
  • Giving lectures on bills and motions for Members of the Parliament, Members of the House of Representatives, the Government Whip, and the Opposition Whip.
  • Translating academic documents in the responsible fields.
  • Performing other assigned duties.