Library of the Chamber of Deputies, Italy

Library of the Chamber of Deputies, Italy

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Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament
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The Library of the Italian Chamber of Deputies is a publicly accessible library since 1988 and since 2007 has been closely integrated with the Library of the Senate in a project to create the “Joint Parliamentary Library”. The Library is primarily focused on furnishing information to Members of Parliament and their staff in support of their parliamentary duties, but it also offers a reference service for the general public. It contains an extensive collection of more than 1.4 million books, 1,800 currently printed periodicals and more than one hundred databases. The core holdings of the Library are Parliamentary Papers (from Italy and other Countries) and scholarly publications relating to Italian and Foreign Law, Economics, Political Science, History. The Library also contains numerous special collections, which can boast items of historical interest or bibliographical rarity (e.g. “The Kissner Collection” that contains about 2000 books and engravings of Rome in antiquity and the Renaissance, published between the XVI and the XIX century).

One of the main products of the Library is the “Bibliography of the Italian Parliament and Electoral Studies” (BPR) : a database available online and regularly updated that contains bibliographical records of books and academic articles (some in full text) on the history of the Italian Parliament and its elections. Moreover, the Library has the scientific responsibility for the digitization project of all the Chamber of Deputies’ Parliamentary Papers, that are progressively published on the website. It is also in charge of the management of data on the activities of the Chamber and on the questions to the Government and policy setting documents (for both Houses). A special service of the Library is providing Research Products for Members of Parliament in the field of Foreign Legislation. Research Papers provided on this issue, published on the Library website, contain impartial analysis of pieces of legislation adopted especially in European Countries. The Library regularly organizes cultural events (e.g. visits of its reading rooms that have an historic and artistic value, bibliographical exhibitions, etc.) and training courses for MP staffs, external users, librarians and students.

Library of the Chamber of Deputies, Italy
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